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The 514 Studio, LLC is a family-owned and operated Live Stream Video & Podcasting entertainment agency. Started by Brothers Che and Christian Connett as an outlet established for showcasing Live Stream Video Shows & Podcasts that feature interesting anecdotes, discussions & stories, hilarity & stupidity, food & cooking, our passions, our hobbies, and various other topics for you to ponder and comment on!

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How 514 Started
We (the Connett Brothers) started APPROPRIATELY INAPPROPRIATE with The 514 Studio as an outlet for our crazy antics and stories from throughout our lives that are, at times difficult to believe until you hear us share our cringing and laughable moments with excitement and fervor. Some of our content is crazy, seemingly stupid, and maybe even ridiculous; but they're part of our life story and we want to share with you!

The name "514" is derived from our family's past. Our Mother was a Yellowcab taxi driver while we were growing up. It's something that we remember the most. Her taxi number was "514". She went on to have many other great adventures that included being a traveling journalist for LuvRacin - reporting on dirt track racing all around the US. She also loved photographing the races, drivers, cars, etc., and publishing on the LuvRacin website as well as various race-affiliated websites across the web. She went on to start the racing apparel company "Midwest Racing Apparel" serving all levels of professional racing drivers and teams that have included Danika Patrick, Sammy Swindell, Kasey Kahne, and more! Sadly, our Mother passed away in June of 2019, taking her adventures with her. We decided to dedicate our adventures to her. This is 514 Studio.

But Wait, There's More
Other shows were added-on to showcase many sides of the faces of the Connett Family that make up The 514 Studio board. Jen brings her creative side to THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID, HE SAID by bringing a Wife's view of married life and its questionable moments, especially with a husband like Che... They do a lot of things together, and sometimes the ingredients make for disastrous or hilarious results.

Jen and Che continue their episodes with a love of Food and Beverages on their Sunday morning special BLOODY MARYS, BRUNCH, & BAD HAIR. A tongue in cheek approach to drinking mid-morning while enjoying family-concocted food fare to share (virtually) with our viewers. Recipes are available in our 514 Studio VIP Group.

A professional musician, Christian along with Che and their love of all things music created THE RIFF to highlight the musical talent of lesser-known artists, with intriguing interviews, videos, live performances, and more.

The latest endeavor, DEVOUR IOWA showcase Che's love of food, snacks, and edible delights from wherever he's visited or whatever he has discovered. Devour Iowa includes guest spots from Jen, as well as various food and beverage aficionados. So tune in to see what's been conjured up each week, & what strange delights may be indulged upon.

More plans are in the works to sample food from around Iowa, as well as the grillmaster himself creating tantalizing treats, LIVE for your viewing pleasure!

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